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Created: Apr 7, 2017

Last updated: Apr 7, 2017

Hey! Whenever I post a comment or create a new post and create new line (for a new paragraph for instance), it's not taken into account, so my post looks like a big chunk of words, which is not very attractive... Could you fix that issue please? Thanks a lot! You've done an amazing job so far, keep up!

Created: Apr 7, 2017

Last updated: Apr 7, 2017

Hello everyone!

In my criminology class we have the opportunity to earn an extra credit by coming up with an idea that would involve violating a social norm. This violation of a social norm would be performed by the students (under the surveilance of their teacher), so it's kind of a dynamic exercise which is really fun! Of course, it mustn't be something criminal...

For example, some students just stood in the street doing absolutely nothing (like they really did nothing apart from standing on their feet), which is quite deviant and violates a social norm because nowadays people always have somtehing to do, or at least they try to do something even when they're bored: listen to music, play with their phones, read a book etc.

I was wondering if you guys had some idea, feel free to share your thoughts and don't restrain yourself!! Thanks for your time!!!

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Apr 7, 2017 in Maths

It's the probability to have something even more extreme than the observed value. For example, for the right-tailed hypothesis test for proportion H0 : p = 0.7 vs H1 : p > 0.7, the test statistic which is Z = (p-0.7)/sqrt(0.7*0.3/n) where p is the observed proportion and n the size of your sample. Under the null hypothesis, Z follows a standard normal distribution. Therefore, if you compute Z (and you find say 1.96), then the p-value for this test is P(Z > observed value) (which is P(Z>1.96) = 0.025 in this case).

Feel free if you have any further question. I can send you a pic of my Applied Statistic course if you want!

Hubert you're a freaking genius. The sort of genius that kinda scares me but definitely a brilliant genius, thanks so much for your (creepy but amazing) ideas!

Apr 8, 2017 in Maths

Sure, you're welcome guys! Good luck for your exam!