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by Asker @daskit

We are currently building an interactive teaching platform, with multiple functionalities : teachers can post quizzes and see students answers, students can ask questions more conveniently than shouting in a 500 persons lecture theater, there is even a "LOST" button so that the teacher will know which points were difficult to understand for the students. However, despite the support of several teachers in some worldwide recognized teaching institutions, students still don't want to use it, we even changed our product's name from "Asker" to "Daskit" ! We are desperate, how can we improve this ?

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John Cagnol   2 months ago

You should apply the 2^(n-2) rule with n the number of lessons where the student didn't use Daskit.


Mamie   2 months ago

A quizz framework exists and is very simple to integrate into your website. It allows you to describe a quizz in a yaml format. Here is the code source (note : it's NodeJS which is great) :


kfwong   2 months ago

have you thought of gamify the platform? some badges and achievements for answering questions may help! I think you need to collect the feedback why the students aren't using them actively. Is it too inaccessible? or ui learning curve is steep?

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