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by Jean Taine @Jean Taine

Hello everyone. I talk very slowly, so when I speak with someone, they often fall asleep. That's why I'd like to build a small device that I would put in my mouth, and that would increase my speech rate (multiplying it by 1.25 approximately). If you're interested in this project, please send me an e-mail.

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John Cagnol   2 months ago

Where do you think you are going like this ??


Selim   2 months ago

The need is correctly described, but not the solution : You don't need to have the device in your mouth. It can be a device near your throat, like a nakelace or even it could be a mobile application. Their is something not logical about it. Capturing your voice and repeat what you said faster will not gain any time as your attendees will have to wait at least the same time. You have to talk your speech. What you really need is to increase your speed rate and make it more attractive than today. For that I suggest simple solutions : * Try caffeine (a lot of) * Take some courses on debating and speech.

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