[Criminology] Ideas for a project

by William @shillaume

Hello everyone!

In my criminology class we have the opportunity to earn an extra credit by coming up with an idea that would involve violating a social norm. This violation of a social norm would be performed by the students (under the surveilance of their teacher), so it's kind of a dynamic exercise which is really fun! Of course, it mustn't be something criminal...

For example, some students just stood in the street doing absolutely nothing (like they really did nothing apart from standing on their feet), which is quite deviant and violates a social norm because nowadays people always have somtehing to do, or at least they try to do something even when they're bored: listen to music, play with their phones, read a book etc.

I was wondering if you guys had some idea, feel free to share your thoughts and don't restrain yourself!! Thanks for your time!!!

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Laurent-Outang   2 months ago

How about following someone for fun ?


Elo   2 months ago

Ask your teacher about his salary, his religion, his political views and his personal life. In a very insisting way. That's not something you're supposed to do.


John Cagnol   2 months ago

What about arriving 5 minutes late in class ?


hubert   2 months ago

Some ideas: (you need to gather the courage to do these) 1. Ask someone for directions to a particular place then instead of heading towards that direction, walk in the same direction as the person you asked. 2. Stare at someone and when they turn to look at you, keep staring at them and don't turn away. 3. Give strange compliments to people you meet on the street e.g. "You have a very nice ear" "The back of your head looks very symmetrical". 4. Go into a crowded elevator and keep facing the back of the elevator instead of turning to face the door. Good luck!


Jean Taine   2 months ago

What about orienting your normal vectors inward in your heat flux calculations ?


shillaume   2 months ago

Hubert you're a freaking genius. The sort of genius that kinda scares me but definitely a brilliant genius, thanks so much for your (creepy but amazing) ideas!


hubert   2 months ago

Haha no problem. Actually these are not my own ideas, I learned them by watching youtube prank videos and reading articles/comments in the past.


kfwong   2 months ago

lol @hubert I think we need to create a like comment so that I can give you a thumbs up hahaha


Valentin   2 months ago

What about listening to your music without earphones by putting your smartphone's speakers' volume up and putting the phone next to your ear just like a phone call. Interrupt a teacher/lecturer during a lecture and ask him/her to repeat his/her last sentence because you didn't hear well/understand. Well, it depends where you live, but arguing in public about the values of white supremacy is definitely against some social norms. You can also spend a whole day without speaking, and staring emotionlessly when someone is speaking to you during the whole experiment, until they get bored or scared (most probably scared). There is a whole bunch of "alone moments" that you can get inspired by, since people tend to follow behaviors that imply having the implicit approval of friends. Just go out alone: eat alone in a fancy (non-fast-food) restaurant, where couples and associates use to go for diner; this is against social norm and often a painful solitary experience; go to a theme park and try to have fun alone; go to the beach, to the mountain, in a national park, in the forest at night... alone, this is a kind of silent unnoticed profound antisocial behavior. Play one of these public pianos without knowing a thing to piano playing. Take pictures of people in the street with your phone. Work out in unconventional places (street, airport, railway station). Start to sing in a waiting room. Harness some garbage. When you hear people talking next to you, go to them and listen to the conversation in an obvious manner, as if you were invited (you can even participate). Ignoring bums may be a kind of a social norm now, or people give a coin from time to time; be committed and give large amounts of food supply to some random homeless people (and something for them to carry and use it). You know what ? Social norm is defined by consumption habits too, make your own revolutionary start-up.

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