by iGEMPLS 1 month ago

Do you believe the quality of the air you breath should be a major concern for all of us? Help us improve it by answering this short survey (3-4 minutes top). Thank you in advance for your help and your time!

We managed to rush out rich text formatting just before STePS, so members can make use of simple formatting on our site!

Try to XSS us with <script> tag? It will not work ;P

We hope this addition will make everybody happy :D

by Zavfel 2 months ago

Most of the time people want to recycle an item but do not know what can be recycled and it also differs from different recyling companies and country. Maybe the government can do a short video to advertise what exactly can be recycled?(e.g. Sweet drink bottles are actually not recommended for recycling unless you wash away the content inside)

by frmlenx 2 months ago

Recently there are lots of project deadlines. I have been working throughout the night and therefore, deprived of sleep. Do you have similar situations as I do? What do you do to have sufficient sleep?


Thanks for the advice but I think what I seek is something other than coffee! Thanks :)

So the annual SoC Hack & Roll offers "Most Useless App" and "Most annoying app" awards to entries that deserves it. I was actually aiming for that.

My idea was to create a Arduino controlled pen clicker/spinner, as I've seen my classmate like to spin their pen during lecture (which annoys me because of the sound as they keep dropping onto the floor).

The prototype features will be something like cont... hungers for NUS students to watch webcasts (currently enrolled and open) on its platform. Are there any here?

NUSarcast features danmaku comment system to improve the webcast experience!

Good luck IdeaOverflow. This is one more user and post :D

by Owen Wang 2 months ago

It is super difficult to wake up on time even with a alarm clock. Please help!


by Elo 2 months ago

Hey! I'm an exchange student in NUS and i'm leaving soon. I can't bring back everything with me. Do you know where i could give away some food, sponges, lunch box...

by Elo 2 months ago

Hey guys!! In order to make this website more attractive, we might organise some contests. But we want to make sure it will be something that will motivate you guys!! Some please comment on what you think the contest should be :D

Hi all,

After attending a conference+meeting with a prominent director of a company involved in such an economy model, we had a hard time figuring out how the system could work. Even him. The idea is about designing a sustainable business where two metrics are used: money, but also social considerations. The employees and high-end directors and executive council members are paid in a fair manner (the director is paid 15 times the lowest salary in the company). The company is a holding and has...

by zixian 2 months ago

Having used React with Redux, I found Redux a very convenient framework for propagating data changes onto UI. Can we extend this to languages like C++ for desktop programs with GUI? Does this make sense?

Hi all, I'm looking for volunteers to develop in NodeJS a framework to manage parameters for a "product". The parameters comes to an application in different way :

  1. Command line options (short and long : -h or --help)
  2. Environment variable
  3. In a parameter file (possibly YAML format).

by Mamie 2 months ago

Hi all,

I'm living in France and I'm volunteer in an association that helps immigrants. I'm often facing administrative issues when I try to help them in their paperwork. It's difficult to understand what are the modality to achieve papers (Republican Integration Contract).

Do you know any website that could help me in understanding the windings of the French Administration ?

by LS 2 months ago

Are you aware of a site that would help to find and select skilled workman (e.g. electrician, plumber, tiler, builder, plasterer, ? I have in mind a site like Tripadvisor or The Fork that would collect reviews showing attributes like the quality of work/services, the punctuality from the initial price offer to the completion of the service, the price level, possible litigations.

by daskit 2 months ago

We are currently building an interactive teaching platform, with multiple functionalities : teachers can post quizzes and see students answers, students can ask questions more conveniently than shouting in a 500 persons lecture theater, there is even a "LOST" button so that the teacher will know which points were difficult to understand for the students. However, despite the support of several teachers in some worldwide recognized teaching institutions, students still don't want to use it, we ev...

by Jean Taine 2 months ago

Hello everyone. I talk very slowly, so when I speak with someone, they often fall asleep. That's why I'd like to build a small device that I would put in my mouth, and that would increase my speech rate (multiplying it by 1.25 approximately). If you're interested in this project, please send me an e-mail.

Hello everyone!

In my criminology class we have the opportunity to earn an extra credit by coming up with an idea that would involve violating a social norm. This violation of a social norm would be performed by the students (under the surveilance of their teacher), so it's kind of a dynamic exercise which is really fun! Of course, it mustn't be something criminal...

For example, some students just stood in the street doing absolutely nothing (like they really did nothing apart from standi...

by shillaume 2 months ago

Hey! Whenever I post a comment or create a new post and create new line (for a new paragraph for instance), it's not taken into account, so my post looks like a big chunk of words, which is not very attractive... Could you fix that issue please? Thanks a lot! You've done an amazing job so far, keep up!

What about a function to see when a person logged in for the last time ?